Customer Marketing / Adoption Enablement

Smart, sophisticated training materials can make all the difference. Our role in designing and developing training systems has played a critical role for a number of our customers, providing extensible content for a variety of teaching applications.

We also help companies create curricula for internal and external sales training programs. This includes reseller training seminars, independent sales agent training systems, telemarketing script development – even managing full-scale sales meetings that leverage our partner community.

From user manuals to reseller launch kits, we help accelerate your customer marketing and adoption with sales-focused enablement programs – the kind of materials that reflect the true voice of your customer and unlock the maximum value potential. Our services include:

Training Content

  • PPT, PDF, manuals, etc.
  • Train the trainer
  • Train resellers
  • Train customers
  • Verification

Sales Tool Templates

  • Sales sheet templates
  • FAQs / Web content
  • Telemarketing scripts

Promotional Templates

  • Customizable interactive demos
  • Ad templates
  • POS templates
  • DM templates