Digital Design & Production

Put our world-class, award-winning design to work for you – and take your brand to the next level. Our seasoned, dedicated design team is versed in every form of media on the planet, and studiously dedicated to the latest trends in design, production, taxonomy, architecture development and more. We’re restless explorers, passionate about pushing the envelope but absolutely focused on listening to our clients’ needs.

When it comes to designing a visual identity, we have a unique relationship with “vibration.” We tune into the our clients’ resonance – the echo they transmit to the marketplace – and infuse that style, tone and personality into their brand.

From traditional print to responsive Websites, our award-winning digital design covers every imaginable communications genre – including broadcast (TV & radio), video, interactive, experiential and more. Our services include:

Digital Design

  • Print and electronic collateral
  • Identity programs (logo development, company naming)
  • Website design (mobile and responsive)
  • Email and eNewsletter design

Interactive & Experiential Design & Production

  • Video (online, pre-roll, viral)
  • Interactive demos (Flash and video-based)
  • Online web banner design and production (static and animated)
  • Interactive and touchscreen kiosk design

SKiO™ - The Social Kiosk from DaynerHall

  • Experiences are driving the next generation of marketing engagement. When connected to social media, these experiences are evolving into complex and exciting new frontiers of interaction. So how do you make “experiential” opportunities like tradeshows, meetings and sponsored events more valuable to your marketing efforts? The answer is data – and that’s where SKiO comes in. SKiO™ (the “Social Kiosk”) from DaynerHall is a unique touchscreen experience that’s attracting buzz across the event and tradeshow communities. With SKiO, you can turn any event into a “social ecosystem”, attracting your guests to interact with your brand on a whole new level through the power of images. SKiO’s elegant platform is at home in the most sophisticated environments, from high-end tradeshows to corporate events – even green rooms at international musical festivals. Click here to learn more about SKiO from DaynerHall.

Rich Media Design & Production

  • Broadcast (TV & radio)

Point-of-Sale, Retail & Outdoor Design & Production

  • Endcap kiosks
  • POS signage
  • Outdoor (digital billboards)