Program Measurement

When it comes to the success of any marketing program, it’s all about the numbers. Sometimes, that means analyzing hard metrics like web traffic, download data or good old-fashioned sales. But other times, it requires listening campaigns to measure “softer” trends along the awareness spectrum. That’s where out team of seasoned analysts – bolstered by the latest technology has to offer – can help make sense of the “Big Data” revolution that’s flooding your database.

Our ability to analyze the numbers can bring greater insight into your marketing investment, and help provide the situational awareness needed to manage your programs and campaigns. From gross impression/response analysis to ROI calculations, our best-of-breed measurement systems, testing paradigms and analysis models will help you gauge the impact of your outreach, sythesize metrics and adjust programs for greater success. Our services include:


  • Gross impressions
  • Web volume
  • Gross CTR
  • Landing page volume


  • Gross response
  • Registration rate
  • Download volume

Brand Benchmarks

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand preference
  • Brand perception


  • Cost per contact
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per sale
  • Cost per mind share gain