Sales Support

Keeping the sales engine primed and pumping is key to your business success. When marketing understands how to best support the needs of a diverse, often global sales force, they can really hit the gas pedal and accelerate pipeline activity – from lead to close.

Our sales support and accleration strategies have been developed over decades, working closely with sales leaders and their teams on the front line. From the corner office to the trenches, we bring a deep knowledge of inside, outside, field and channel sales across a spectrum of industries, and how marketing can be designed to support it all. This includes hands-on tools, demos, even proposal templates that empower your sales force to focus on their most important job: closing the deal. Our services include:


  • Corporate PPT
  • Product PPT
  • Solution PPT

Sales Tools

  • Product guides
  • Flash demos
  • RFP formats

Sales Promotion

  • Sales contests
  • Sales meeting theming, content development

Event Leveraging (tradeshows, meetings, conferences, etc.)

  • On-site promotions
  • Pre-/post-event direct marketing