Experiences: The New Language of Marketing

The communcations world is fragmented – and so is the attention span of the average consumer. With so much access to information and countless tactical methods for reaching people, how can your brand compete? While SEO, retargeting and other progressive technologies are changing the game, most marketers still recognize the proven effectiveness of events to help build relationships and nurture loyalty. So how do you make “experiential” opportunities like tradeshows, meetings and sponsored events more valuable to your marketing efforts? The answer is data – and that’s where SKiO comes in.

SKiO™ (the “Social Kiosk”) from DaynerHall is a unique touchscreen experience that’s attracting buzz across the event and tradeshow communities. With SKiO, you can turn any event into a “social ecosystem”, attracting your guests to interact with your brand on a whole new level through the power of images. SKiO’s elegant platform is at home in the most sophisticated environments, from high-end tradeshows to corporate events – even green rooms at international musical festivals.

With SKiO, your event guest can take their own photos in high-definition, and interact with a unique touchscreen experience that captures their attention and invites them to play.

Powered by PhotoMingle™ software, SKiO lets your guests write on their images, draw pictures and create a unique memento - which can be printed on customized 4” x 6” photo quality paper.

SKiO is “sharable”, letting your guests instantly post their images from the kiosk to your social media platforms of choice. From Facebook to Twitter to email, you have control over the accessibility.

SKiO is all about data – and helping you create more loyal connections with your audience. Build and cultivate a richer, experience-based connection through touch.

Built for Your Brand

SKiO combines best-of-breed technology with the functional and practical flexibility of a true marketing tool. From top to bottom, SKiO can be customized to meet the unique branding requirements of your event. This includes the physical footprint, as well as the screen backgrounds and print borders. In addition, our team of developers stand ready to meet any special requests you might have to create new experiences for your guests.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Driven by Data

With SKiO in your tradeshow booth or on your event floor, you’ll be interacting with users in a fun, casual manner – and inviting them to share their data in a permission-based paradigm. Capture their email addresses, connect with their personal social media streams, and extend your brand across their own sharing channels.

There’s no limit to the experiential ways you can leverage SKiO to drive data into your hands. Incent your audience to participate in creating “mosaic” images composed of their personal photographs; build awareness for a new product launch with touch-based interactive presentations. The data is waiting - capture it creatively.

Powered by PhotoMingle™

SKiO is powered by the same technology behind PhotoMingle, the original and industry-leading social photo-kiosk for wedding and events. PhotoMingle has been written about extensively in media press, and featured on popular wedding programs online and in broadcast media. To learn more about PhotoMingle, click here.

PhotoMingle was designed by event professionals at DaynerHall in collaboration with industry-leading technologists. That same expertise makes SKiO a trusted part of any event planning strategy, no matter what the application.

Watch a video of our sister product in action at the Neiman Marcus National Fashion Night event.

Book SKiO for Your Upcoming Event

SKiO is available to ship anywhere in the continental US and overseas – almost anywhere your event might be. Each rental includes an operator for setup and management throughout your specified rental engagement. To explore the customization options for your brand, please call us today at (407) 428-5750 xt. 224 - or complete the form to the right and click “SUBMIT.”