What does it include?

The ValueArc Platform's is designed to quickly put you on a growth and value trajectory from whatever position your company currently occupies. It’s a comprehensive, interactive client engagement that consists of four major parts:

1. ValueArc Discovery

To get a clear sense of your company’s current market position, we review and analyze information from a variety of sources that may include:

  • Existing company content, including web content, presentations, corporate and technical literature, proposals, press releases, training material, case studies, white papers, etc.
  • Interviews with company executives, including senior sales, marketing and product managers.
  • Interviews with channel partners, technology partners and customers.
  • Online research and interviews with analysts, editors and other third-part industry players.

2. ValueArc Position and Message Architecture

Following Discovery, we develop the positioning and messaging architecture that will power your marketing and enable you to boost company value. This stage includes:

Value Pillar Positioning Architecture

This is driven, in large part, by a highly structured, moderated strategy meeting with your senior management team, usually comprised of two half-day sessions. It is designed to yield a consensus on your company’s strategic relevance to the market, a clear set of “validating attributes” that articulate how your company addresses unmet market needs, and a set of “Value Pillars” that provide an organized view of your company’s marketable assets – or proof points – that form the basis for the company’s unique market position.

Message Architecture and Core Narrative

Based on the positioning architecture, we develop a message architecture that will enable you to effectively communicate your company’s strategic value to customers, investors, market analysts, employees and partners.

3. ValueArc Brand Architecture & Design

Brand Architecture and Design is all about determining how the market sees and experiences your brand.  Although the required scope of work can vary widely from one company to the next, this effort usually encompasses some or all of these activities:

Corporate Brand Design:  This generally includes corporate naming and logo design.

Product Branding: This effort typically focuses on conventional product brand strategy and architecture, but can also extend to brand development for customer service programs, channel programs, partner co-marketing programs, proprietary processes and other key assets.

Web Architecture and Template Design:  Because the corporate web site is virtually always your company’s face to the market, its design, tone, and navigation scheme are critical elements of your brand strategy.  We work with you to develop a web strategy that includes brand template, structure and navigation and design adaptation to mobile formats and social media.

Primary Marketing Templates:  Depending on the likely marketing mix, we will adapt the brand template to such front-line assets as PowerPoint presentations, data sheets, and whitepapers.

Brand Standards and Guidelines: We can develop simple but detailed standards of use to insure continuity in the applications of the corporate brand and brand templates.


4. ValueArc Campaign Architecture

Here, we develop the comprehensive marketing structure that will enable you to project your value to the market, engage channel partners, analysts and other influencers, and energize and support your sales organization.


ValueArc Campaign Blueprint

Depending on your company and your market, it can include:
  • Press and analyst communications
  • Thought leadership content (white papers, executive briefs, application briefs, case studies, etc.)
  • Web strategy and development
  • Search engine marketing
  • Online advertising (banner, content sponsorship, etc.)
  • Social media
  • Partner/channel development
  • Partner co-marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Sales acceleration and support
  • Customer loyalty marketing

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