Why DH?

Quite simply: because no one does what we do.

It’s true: no other firm offers our unique approach to helping technology and B2B companies leverage their true value through marketing and branding.

It starts with our understanding of the crossroads that tend to mark a company’s journey to success or obscurity. By “crossroads,” we mean the critical transition points in your company’s life. Maybe you’re in the midst of an acquisition, spinning off a division or planning to go public. Maybe you’re entering a new market space, sunsetting an aging product line, or even emerging from bankruptcy.

Time and again, we’ve helped companies leverage smart branding and marketing communications to emerge from these episodes stronger, more competitive and more valuable. In fact, driving value is the core purpose of our unique blend of business strategy, marketing and branding.

Value can be defined in many ways. But in our lexicon, value is the perceived maximized benefit that your company brings to your market. But often times, it’s hidden from view – even to people within your own organization. This means your story isn’t being told accurately or consistently, and your prospects don’t fully recognize how your company can play a strategic role in helping them succeed. As a result, your bottom line and your valuation aren’t as strong as they should be.

With our ValueArc™ Platform, DaynerHall helps you dig deep to “value mine” your company’s unique assets and create winning positioning and message frameworks that will energize your marketing and sales. The delivery is through branding: creating sophisticated vehicles and channels for taking your messages to the targets, influencers and analysts as part of a holistic campaign. Over the years we have applied the ValueArc Platform for companies ranging from start-ups to such leaders as IBM and Microsoft – giving them the power to traverse their crossroads to reach their objectives.

When you consider the next steps for your company – wherever you might be in your lifecycle – ask yourself, “what’s our greatest value to our market, and how do we project it to our market?” If the answer is unclear, and you need the experience and guidance of a focused, industry partner, you might be ready for ValueArc.

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