A B2B & Technology Legacy

1969. The year when two men walked on the surface of the moon, and everything changed. Technology was now launching humanity into the stars, to other planets beyond our own. It was groundbreaking. Earth shattering. At the edge of our collective imagination.

And it propelled our understanding of what technology is, and what it can enable us to do: anything.

One year later, a small agency was founded to service that same innovation and spirit – bringing a deep understanding, respect and appreciation for the value of technology and the companies that create it. DaynerHall was born, and instantly became part of the B2B ecosystem. Some of our earliest clients included Motorola, UDS and Federal Express – all much smaller pioneers at the time, but destined to become industry leaders. We played a role in their success, and our mission has never changed.

Since then, we have aspired to change the conversation and challenge the status quo. Our passion has always been the same: to help companies like yours traverse the "crossroads" in the business – those points of great change and transition – and emerge more powerful and successful. We do this by accessing the hidden "value" in your business, and unleashing its fullest potential; we express and deliver it through marketing and branding, enabling you to accelerate towards your growth goals, whatever they might be.

In 1970, it was the "space race" and radical new communication innovations. It was the high-tech defense research corridor and the emergence of espionage and counter-espionage hardware. It was a time of rapid growth in chemicals, controls, plastics, robotics, automation, microcomputers, silicon transistors, semiconductors, mainframes... technology was blossoming everywhere. At DaynerHall, we've seen the rise of AS400, Cobol, ASCII, DOS, UNIX, Linux, MacOS... and we've helped shape the messages for companies bringing their own unique languages to the world of computing. And the great joy of it all: it never ends.

DaynerHall has always been committed to advancing the efforts of B2B companies.

It has always been our guiding voice, our compass. When considering a partner to advance the strategic marketing, branding and business objectives for your company, ask yourself: do they know who they are? Are they clear on their own niche? Do they bring a unique focus and experience to your efforts? And most importantly, have they successfully helped other companies in my field?

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A Legacy of Giving Back


It's all about the people – and the communities we live in. That's why it's important to give back, and DaynerHall has consistently lent support to a number of special interests and community projects, including The Golden Rule Foundation, The Susan G. Komen Society, The Orlando Coalition for the Homeless and 32NCSI, a unique organization focused on developing standards for campus safety at colleges and universities around the U.S.