Why We Are Different

Like most experienced and capable marketing firms, DaynerHall delivers the full menu of branding, marketing communications, and sales enablement services – all of which are detailed elsewhere on this site.

But that's where the similarities end, because we're more than a conventional marketing and branding partner.  We’re in the business of helping you multiply your market value, and we’re uniquely equipped to do this for six reasons: 

1. We're completely focused on B2B and technology companies.

There are many agencies that claim to be "extensible" to a wide variety of markets and industries – because in their minds, marketing is marketing.  But that's simply not true.  As we’re fond of saying: “technology ain’t chewing gum.”  Deep experience and insights are essential to understanding the complexities of how technology is bought and sold between businesses. 

2. We've been doing this for decades.

Since 1970, DaynerHall has enjoyed a reputation for excellence in the B2B and high-tech realm because our work has consistently yielded results.  We've seen it all: the rise of telecom, distributed computing, cellular technologies, the nascent applications of the Internet, mobility, security applications and business software ranging from banking solutions to data mining.  And that has given us incredible insight into adoption cycles, buying patterns, and even lifecycle challenges that many B2B and technology products face.

3. We have the best people in the business.

Not just because they're great marketers, immersed in the latest systems, processes and technologies. It's because they've lived, breathed and eaten B2B and technology on both sides of the fence. Our team incorporates experience within such major global corporations as Mitsubishi, Scientific Atlanta, Internet Security Systems and Datamax Corporation. They understand channels, leveraging experience from integrators like TechData.  We have a network of subject matter experts for creating compelling thought-leadership content, and our dynamic creative team has worked across every medium on the planet.  And a consortium of former executives from companies like IBM, Itronix and Tradex forms our ValueArc Roundtable – to offer an unmatched level of input and guidance.

4. We understand sales enablement.

We believe marketing and branding should always power the sales engine, so our team is always probing: "how can this program drive lead generation?" or "how are we enabling field operations to shorten the sales cycle in new markets?" We've also been at the forefront of aligning sales organizations within fluid, transitional environments such as mergers. In fact, we worked closely with Microsoft Business Solutions to help redefine the organizational branding for their ERP platforms post-acquisition (Great Plains, Navision, Solomon, Axapta). Our pivotal work helped these disparate cultures to realign under the Microsoft Dynamics brand, and better coordinate inbound leads from online campaigns.  It's all about sales;  and we understand that like no other marketing firm.

5. We understand how to access creative design through innovation.

Design can be applied to so much more than the visual components of a brand—especially for B2B and technology companies. Sometimes it means innovating an entirely new service experience, or designing a more engaging call script for a help desk. From strategic thinkers to art directors to interactive programmers, our team of "design innovators" are committed to exploring how creativity can enhance every dimension of a brand experience.  It's that restless exploration of "what's next" that keeps our customers moving forward.

6. We have a truly unique focus on "value."

In our years of guiding clients through our ValueArc Platform, we have consistently encountered the same or similar conditions: that a company’s true value—its strategic role—is often hidden from view.  The heart of our service to our clients is projecting that strategic role to the market to maximize share value.

If your company is at a "crossroads," maybe you're a candidate for ValueArc.
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